• Brand introduction

    Face the world and say:I have my strength!
     Koniycoi takes the "authentic quality, fashion leisure" as the brand concept and advocates "enjoy ,consume, leisure and fashion".With simple, boutique and catering for the society trend, the products are favored by modern young people.
     Koniycoi has specialized in earphones products research and development for more than ten years .Guangzhou Koniycoi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has dedicated to refining the product's unique product style and meet the needs of individualized consumption trend. With modern superb technology ,own design and R & D abilities,Koniycoi has successfully built up its own core competitiveness.
    In the future, we will continue to adhere to the perfect combination of fashion and classic, as well as the great balance between enterprises , dealers and consumers. We believe that with the continuous innovation and development, more dealers and consumers will enjoy the surprise from Koniycoi!
  • Certifications

    We have obtained FC,EC and W series strict certifications.
    Quality is the life of the enterprise. Product quality is regarded as the motive force of the survival of the enterprise,which can be guaranteed, and then the enterprise is able to develop new space.
    The passing of quality assurance system is not the end of quality activities, but the beginning of a new round of quality activities. In addition to improving the management level internally through strict training and assessment, the company also keeps in touch with famous training institutions, conducts systematic training for management, absorbs advanced management methods in various industries, and combines them with the business practices of the enterprises. So that we step into the world’s leading ranks, and under the guidance of the company's quality policy to create new brilliance!

  • Corporate Culture

    Our values: Benefiting the people and strive for continuous improvement, is "responsibility" and"excellence".Not only “moral integrity”, but also “the benefit of people”,                                           

    We are going to be an excellent company as best we can to benefit people, get social responsibilities and keep going.

  • Development

    Our vision: to be the creator of excellent quality!

    We will be committed to our high quality of creation and dedication, achievements people enjoy, fashion and leisure life.

    Our enterprises and products will also grow with consumers and brilliant!Our vision: To be the creator of outstanding quality!
    We will be committed to our high quality of creation and dedication to achieve the enjoyment of fashion leisure life.
    Our enterprise and products will certainly grow together with consumers !
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