Method of cooperation

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Mode A - Regional agency

  • The first step

    Designed to support

    The headquarters will provide franchisees with a complete set of design solutions including store image design, construction drawings and so on in the first time.
  • The second step

    Product support

    Headquarter will provide the best product plan for franchisees according to the local market research.
  • The third step

    Market strategy

    Professional operation team, provide franchisee with publicity and promotion programs, guide franchisee to plan store opening activities.
  • The fourth step

    Shop completed

    The head office sales manager conducts one-to-one display guidance and opening training for franchisees to ensure the smooth opening of stores.

Mode B - Internet plus

  • The first step

    Channel consulting

    Franchisee and person in charge of consultation, choose to join the online channel, understand the advantages of joining and joining conditions.
  • The second step

    Commercial evaluation

    Headquarters sent relevant personnel to investigate franchisee, according to the personal situation of franchisee through the bank evaluation and analysis.
  • The third step

    Cooperation intention

    After the evaluation, the two sides will further deepen understanding, the headquarters will provide detailed join quotation scheme.
  • The fourth step

    Strategic cooperation

    The two sides reached strategic cooperation after consultation.
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