How about the headphone maintenance


Headphone maintenance


1. As the earphone unit is relatively afraid of dirt, the mesh cover part of the earphone unit becomes the focus of protection. First of all, make sure that the earphone unit is clean and not exposed to too much dust.


2. The cable of the headset is relatively delicate, so it should try to avoid human damage such as pulling and heavy pressure during use.


3. Try not to play CS games immediately with the newly purchased earphones. Because the various sound effects in CS are quite exciting for new earphones with tight diaphragm. Therefore, you should use the more soothing music for the proper "faint praise", and then use it normally after it enters the state slowly.


4, whether any headphones is a relatively fragile, cannot afford frequent break, and than fall more terrible is the headset after falling from a height did not directly hit the ground, but was something hold later suspended in mid-air, lived in "pull" at the moment of the damage to the cables is one of the biggest, so be sure to avoid the happening of this kind of situation.


How to make a headset


Use an FM radio and set the radio to a channel with no signal, with the volume controlled below 20. This time the sound of the zizi is equivalent to the usually used white noise of the disc. It takes about eight hours to cook a new headset every day, from one week to two weeks. This method is slow but safe. At the very least, it doesn't break the earphones due to improper operation.


Use CD player or MP3 to play different styles of music, it usually takes about 10 hours to play with CD player, such a long playing time is easy to reduce the life of CD player. And if you play it on an MP3 player because of its structure, you can play it for a long time. Good for earphones. Start with a softer music and let your headphones slow down for 10-30 hours at a low volume, then use regular music (except for rock and dance music) to give you 100-200 hours at a moderate volume. If at this point you hear the high-pitched sound without being harsh, and become mellow and natural, and the mid-tone is warm and welcoming, the low-frequency rumble is no longer a jumble, but full of details, and that's basically done.


Others like to use audio devices such as computer stereos. Although this can be done with some specific software and specific sound disks. Earphone cooker is more professional. However, it is not recommended for beginners. Because a lot of the earphones that are being repaired are broken by improper methods when using the machine. If you're surrounded by professionals, try this approach. It is usually done by alternating between white noise and pink noise. Others are made with certain frequency generators. The nice thing about using this method is that it gives the headset a quick head start. The downside, of course, is that it's easy to screw up the headset if you don't operate it properly.

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